Our Estate Grown White Wines


A soft, easy drinking estate white wine which Rita calls her ‘hammock wine.’ Wonderfully balanced with just a hint of citrus. This is definitely a wine that appeals to those who enjoy a softer, yet nicely crisp fruity white wine.

Madeleine Angevine

Typically a higher acid wine, Madeleine Angevine has a clean crisp finish with hints of citrus, particularly grapefruit. This wine pairs particularly well with delicate seafood dishes like halibut or baked sole, oysters, and buttery flavored dishes.


The wine has distinct floral characteristics and is low in acid and very fragrant. The wine has been finished dry to complement spicier dishes. We have found it pairs particularly well with hot curries and spicy Italian dishes. Siegerrebe was created as a varietal in the 1920’s by crossing the grape varieties Gewürztraminer and Madeleine Angevine. This grape variety grows particularly well in the cool climate of the Puget Sound AVA.

High Tide White

High Tide White is our off-dry estate blend. The combination of Madeleine Angevine and Madeleine Sylvaner grapes gives this wine a smooth, fresh balance. This is our most popular summer-time wine and a perfect complement to any meal made with seafood from the Puget Sound. It pairs well with light fresh dishes like salads, grilled chicken or lightly baked or grilled seafood.

Sweet Donna

This wine is a blend of equal parts Siegerrebe and Madeleine Sylvaner. It is a finely balanced wine with florally sweetness for the wine drinker with a sweeter palate. Although sweeter than our other white wines, this blend is still considered an off-dry blend. In addition to pairing well with many desserts, we have found that this wine goes well with cream based dishes, slightly spicy chicken or fish dishes as well as crab cakes. It also is a wonderful wine to serve with fruit and cheese platters or on it’s own on a nice hot day.