Sparkling Wines

New 2016 sparkling varietals have been released! Available for tastings Saturday and Sunday.

2016 Sparkling Siegerrebe & 2016 Sparkling High TIde White

At almost the same latitude as those grown in Champagne France, the grapes we grow here on Whidbey Island are typically higher in acid and lower in sugar — perfect for a sparkling wine. We have considered the idea for years but after finally completing the winery last year, it seemed like the right time to make something to celebrate and commemorate the long years of effort that have gone into this new facility. As far as we are aware, this is the first "commercial" attempt within the Puget sound to make a sparkling wine out of these locally grown varietals — the results are promising. Enjoy!

Dessert Wines


A wonderfully fruity late harvest wine which is highly aromatic and fruit forward. Wonderful on it’s own or served with cheese or dessert.